Our purpose is to make competitive programming a professional sport. For now we are looking for interns, in work from home settings, in all below positions for January 2020 session for 5-6 months. Experience certificate would be awarded at the end of the internship.


Online Judge Development

A tech hiring platform.
1) BackEnd of the judge.
2) FrontEnd of the judge.
3) Content (Setting/Testing/Editorial) creation
4) Graphics Designer for the platforms.

Technology Platform Development

This is the technology consulting platform where we help companies build projects. We take help of crowd to build projects. Something like Competitive Software Building, following the waterfall model.
1) BackEnd of the platform.
2) FrontEnd of the platform.
3) Project(demos) developer. AI/ML, Soft Dev Technologies, FrontEnd, BackEnd Technologies.

Product Development

Here we build a Digitial Audio Workstation for PC. And an Android version of it too.
1) DAW host developer. C++, openGL.
2) VST plugin developer. VST3, openGL, C++.
3) Android developer.

Business Developers: For future startup founders.

Here we show clients our projects and products and ask them how we can help them with technology. You learn skills of business, and are expected to take this if you want to be a future startup founder. You can take this along with any or more of above responsibilities, time can be managed.
1) Sales Funnel Manager: Lead Generation, Building Partnerships, Closing Deals.

Applications Closed

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