Code Hustle 2

Total registrants: 5
Total Users/Teams who have made a submission: 3
Number of distinct users/teams with correct submissions: 2
Setter: rishabh.jain9196 (codechef)

Rank User handle Score Country Institution Prize CH2A CH2B
1 namit_ng 2 India Jaypee Institute of Information Technology ₹300.00 1-00:10:13-0 1-00:14:25-0
2 shah_entrance 1 India Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata 1-00:12:22-0 -

Interview with the winner:

Keteki: How was the experience of winning Keteki Code Hustle 2? How did you feel?

namit_ng: Code hustle 2 is a very good experience. It is a very good initiative started by keteki and will encourage many participants to take part in future. Solving easy problems fast is a very good concept and will participants help in increasing speed which is very important in the world of competitive programming. Winning any competition is always very good, I hope in future more participants will take part in this and it will be more competitive.

Keteki: How do you practice(details of hours put in, years, where do you practice, methodology)?

namit_ng: I started competitive programming in my first year it was fun and I found it very interesting. I usually take part in monthly contests on various platforms such as codechef, hackerrank etc and read editorials afterward if I am not able to solve them, this helps in increasing my skills.

Keteki: Who is your competitive programming idol, who inspires you?

namit_ng: Not any specific person, but every other person who is above me in the ranklist inspires me to work hard.

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